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MODCO is 501c3 Nonprofit Organization Contact us for more information Mount Olive Development Corporation 1530 NW 6th Street | Fort Lauderdale FL 33311

The ministry has been a pillar in the community by feeding the homeless, running various educational programs, bolstering political awareness, facilitating affordable housing and providing disaster relief support. It has accomplished this zenith through its rich heritage of prestigious servant leaders in education, law, medicine and the judicial system.

The Philosophy Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today. Lubavitch appropriately means the “city of brotherly love”The word “Chabad” is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of chochmah—wisdom, binah—comprehension and da’at—knowledge. The movement’s system of Jewish religious philosophy, the deepest dimension of G‑d’s Torah, teaches understanding and recognition of the Creator, the role and purpose of creation, and the importance and unique mission of each creature. This philosophy guides a person to refine and govern his or her every act and feeling through wisdom, comprehension and knowledge.

The Aleph Institute is a 501c3 certified non-profit Jewish organization dedicated to assisting and caring for the wellbeing of members of specific populations that are isolated from the regular community: U.S. military personnel , prisoners, and people institutionalized or at risk of incarceration due to mental illness or addictions. Aleph addresses their religious, educational, and spiritual needs, advocates for their civil and religious rights, and provides support to their families at home left to fend for themselves. The Aleph Institute is committed to criminal justice reform and recidivism reduction through preventive-education and faith-based rehabilitation programs, re-entry assistance, alternative sentencing guidance and counsel, and policy research and recommendations.

The Aleph Institute is a national non-profit organization, founded in 1981 by Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipsker at the express direction of the Chabad-Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. Since its founding more than 35 years ago with the early and staunch endorsement of Judge Jack Weinstein, Senior Judge (EDNY), Aleph has been lauded for its work by an impressive array of jurists, judges, attorney generals, and military officers, and is a recognized ecclesiastical endorser for the U.S. Department of Defense. The Aleph Institute’s team has grown from just one Rabbi to more than 65 dedicated staff members and over 500 volunteers, who literally save lives, helping countless individuals during some of the darkest moments of their lives, and impacting thousands of families across the globe through their work.

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